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Battery life and how to stop killing it softly

battery-green-energyBatteries ain't what they once were, technology-wise. That means we have to adapt our charging behaviours to make them last because old routines actually shorten battery life.

Office 365 - a good deal for not-for-profits

office365logoMore than just a bunch of office apps in the cloud. Why everyone's favourite office tools have become even better for the third sector.

Brains against breaches

cracked_glass_breach_180(Incidentally, we have no immune response). Countering the inevitable IT incident.

Clicks of the Trade - Find out your PC's reliability

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Encryption is no panacea

encryption_lock_discGreat for mobile workers, up to a point. Discover what this particular mode of security protects - and what it doesn't.

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Dash for privacy (7-Jul-2015)
privacy_icon The steady trickle of revelations about how user data is sucked off the Internet is beginning affect how those users behave as they slowly realise 'they are the product' ...